Creating The Leaders of Tomorrow with Sharon Pearson

"Zig While Everyone Else Zags"

Discover How: Great Leadership Can Transform your Business and Inspire Incredible People to do Extraordinary Things

Sharon is the Creator of the ultimate framework for results, Meta Dynamics, and has for the last 11 years developed leaders and teams to think differently.

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Pre-order Disruptive Leadership now to receive an exclusive series of three interviews with the author, Sharon Pearson. Recorded in HD and facilitated by a world class presenter, these interviews are perfect for team building exercises and your own personal growth. Click the link now to complete your order and get in ahead!

Full Price: $39.95

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  • Discover how to create a culture of high performance. Attract the right people to your mission and values to get the results your team deserves.
  • Build a team environment where innovation and excellence thrive. Encourage growth and development for your entire team and watch as they flourish.
  • Develop people beyond their jobs and their careers... create the leaders of tomorrow and know that you've truly made a difference in setting them up for success

Why Invest in Disruptive Leadership?

Disruptive Leadership is perfect for any aspiring professional, experienced manager or passionate business owner who is ready to take the next step and develop themselves into the most impactful leader they can be. This is not a leadership style for fence sitters. This is a leadership style for action takers...

If your team is ready to grow. If you can see opportunities for your business on the horizon. If you know there is a gap in your direction. Then Disruptive Leadership and its methodologies can help your organisation take the next step. Invest in your people and develop their passion into results.

Who Is This For?

Full Price: $39.95

Order NOW For $39.95

About Sharon Pearson

Sharon Pearson is considered one the worlds most successful coaches. Credited with founding and driving the ongoing success of The Coaching Institute, Sharon's award winning style has created a culture unique to anywhere else in the world. Her clients include global multinational organisations, small to medium business owners, passionate CEO's and the world's next generation of leaders. Sharon wrote this book to help her clients and her community grow and take leadership to the next level.  Disruptive Leadership is about doing things differently. It follows Sharon's unique trademark of tackling challenges and opportunities like no one else would...

What People are Saying about Sharon Pearson's Disruptive Leadership

"This is what attracts high caliber performers who continue to deliver and drive business growth"

Kerryn Gamble
Kerryn Gamble Founder of Core Potential

“Anybody wanting to be different to the norm and create the seemingly impossible need to get this methodology.  Your team members and leaders will forever thank you and your bottom line will improve like never before.”

Jakub Wolanski
Jakub Wolanski Coach and Facilitator

"This is a must for anyone interested in leadership and all business owners"

Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson CEO of Ultimate You Fitness

“There are lots of leaders out there that need to know this and I would like to incorporate there learnings to help create more female leaders, leading as women  not pseudo men, to bring about more caring and humility in our world.”

Claire Whitelaw Brown
Claire Whitelaw Brown Director CWB Personal Growth Strategies


Every copy of Disruptive Leadership by Sharon Pearson comes with exclusive access to a BONUS interview series with the Author.

  • Outstanding content on Leadership, Success and Wealth
  • Perfect to team development and growth
  • HD recordings and world class facilitator

Full Price: $39.95

Order NOW For $39.95