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Sharon Pearson presents for Thought Dynamics 21st Century Leadership

Giving a fantastic keynote on Disruptive Leadership Sharon shares the in's and out's of why she know this methodology works and how it is changing way we do business. When Sharon first started The Coaching Institute she knew it would be different, but she never dreamed that it would become a model for business' all over the country. Thinking outside the box and taking calculated risks has become the cornerstone of Sharon and The Coaching Institute's success.

Sharon Pearson Presents at The Entourage

Sharon Pearson works with The Entourage as their key note speaker at the recent entrepreneurial summit. Wowing audiences she speaks on creating a culture and a movement that clients and team members love and need to be part of. Take lots of notes - in this incredible clip Sharon goes truly deep and unpacks the entire process of building the extraordinary.

Sharon Pearson Presents at She Business Sydney

Sharon Pearson presented at the members exclusive She Business event in Sydney. She spoke of her trials as a highly successful female entrepreneur and how to best overcome Australia's notorious Tall Poppy Syndrome. This clip shows Sharon as the world class facilitator and speaker that she is.

Matt Lavars interviews Sharon Pearson.

Matt and Sharon explore the writing of Disruptive Leadership and all the twists and turns a creative process follows. Join them for a conversation on why great leaders are few and far between and how Sharon aims to revolutionize management with her unique style.

Jack Delosa interviews Sharon Pearson.

Jack is Founder of The Entourage and is one of BRW Young Rich List. In the interview, Sharon shares with Jack her journey and experience as Founder of The Coaching Institute and an award-winning entrepreneur.